Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels – Skin Medica and Obagi Blue Peel Systems

The Secret – A Skin and Vein Laser Clinic is proud to use only VI Peel, Skin Medica, and Obagi Blue peel systems. These chemical peels can be used for any skin type, are safe, well tolerated and easy to use. They achieve rapid enhancement of skin appearance with minimal downtime and discomfort. The VI Peel, Skin Medica, and Obagi are leading skin care companies in the U.S.

These peels rejuvenate skin and improve facial irregularities. Brown spots, uneven pigmentation, fine wrinkling, sun damage, acne and some pre-cancers can be improved or removed. Your skin will look smoother and younger after a series of these peels. Peels used are the Illuminize Peel, Vitalize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel.

Our clinic has developed specialized peels for acne and melasma conditions (Both typically are hard to treat diseases).

What to expect:

Your skin will first be prepped with an alcohol-acetone application. The peel is then applied. Immediately after the peel is applied to your skin a stinging/burning sensation is felt. This lasts for several minutes, then cool compresses are applied which will calm your skin. One or more days after the peel the treated areas will become red and flaky (similar to a sunburn.) This usually lasts between several days and one week. Some patients will develop temporary brown patches which will peel off within 7-10 days.


With a light chemical peel, only the top layers of skin are removed, therefore the risk of scarring is extremely unlikely. Other risks that can occur, but are also unlikely, are infection, darkening or lightening of the skin and persistent redness.

Strong glycolic acid products or Tretinoin should be used for two weeks prior to your first peel to enhance your results. After your first peel, these products can be restarted one week before each successive peel. If you are not already on one of these products, glycolic acid is the easiest of these products to start with. Physician-strength glycolic products are available in our office.

Arrive for your peel appointment with a clean, freshly washed face. You should have no make-up or moisturizers on your skin when you arrive.

Treatment Time:

Each treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes… Peels are usually performed approximately every two-four weeks. A series of four to six peels is recommended to achieve the best cosmetic results.


  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Minimizes enlarged pore size
  • Reduces signs of sun damage
  • Reduced acne and oiliness of skin
  • Healthier, more youthful skin


Pre & post care tips:

  • Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen product of at least SPF 30+ daily following your chemical peel.
  • Sun protection is necessary for 6 months following treatment.
  • Gently cleanse your face twice daily.
  • Apply a medical grade moisturizer (Skin Medica) to skin as needed.
  • Avoid removing flakes with your fingers.
  • Tylenol and cool compresses can help relieve mild discomfort if it occurs.
  • Treat skin gently. Avoid products or treatments which can irritate skin, such as granular scrubs or masks which must be pulled or rolled off.
  • Wait at least one week after your treatment to have a facial or professional cleansing treatment.
  • Detailed instructions with video presentations are given when a procedure is booked.

For a rejuvenated look please call The Secret to make an appointment for a chemical peel package.