Skin Resurfacing

The Secret to Smoother Skin: Skin Resurfacing from our La Jolla Office

Looking for smoother skin? Skin resurfacing at our La Jolla vein and laser clinic is the answer! The Secret offers a number of skin treatments for patients all over San Diego County, including CO2 Fraxel skin resurfacing.

Using a CO2 laser, Dr. Mann is able to treat a number of skin problems including:

  • Sun damage
  • Uneven texture/skin tone
  • Big pores
  • Brown spots
  • Deep folds
  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring due to acne, surgery, or trauma

Our skin resurfacing treatments using a CO2 laser are less invasive than a traditional facelift. However, the procedure does require some recovery and IV sedation to ensure your comfort. Most patients will wait 3-5 days before returning to work due to the healing process. There is no pain during this recovery period.

How Skin Resurfacing Works

The CO2 Fraxel treatment works by vaporizing skin tissue in problem areas. New tissue grows in, smoother and softer than before. Thus, CO2 Fraxel treatment is well-suited for resurfacing uneven texture, treating scars, and any other superficial skin problem. Many call this treatment a "non-surgical facelift." As an alternative to a facelift, this procedure is less invasive, involves less discomfort, is more cost-effective, and is accompanied by a much shorter recovery time. In fact, with Dr. Mann's expertise, a CO2 facial from our La Jolla skin specialist can deliver dramatic results in a single treatment, without the prolonged downtime, risks, or complications of a traditional surgical facelift.


Are you thinking about getting a facelift? Consider a less-invasive alternative. Dr. Mann offers many non-surgical options to help your skin appear smoother and healthier. A CO2 skin resurfacing procedure is ideal for patients who are experiencing sun damage, wrinkles, brown spots, sagging skin, scarring, and other skin problems. Based on your skin's condition, your medical history, and your goals and preferences, Dr. Mann can recommend the most appropriate non-surgical skin care procedures that will best benefit you. Contact our La Jolla office today to learn more. Dr. Mann is happy to serve patients from greater San Diego County to better-looking skin.

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