Gary R.

I had a very pleasant experience at The Secret Vein Clinic. The staff is very friendly, professional and well-trained. The office is located in the heart of La Jolla. Very clean and comfortable. After going thru a Doppler ultrasound test, I was informed that I was not a good candidate for the Clinic’s service and the prepaid payment was promptly refunded. I appreciated their honesty for NOT trying to provide a service where little/no improvement could be expected for the price paid. It is refreshing to work with these outstanding medical professionals at the Secret Vein Clinic, and I highly recommend any and all to get treated here!

Adam F.

Professional service, professional staff, and a overall great experience. Dr. Mann is very helpful and knowledgeable of vein issues and provides exceptional advice. He took his time answering all of my questions, without me feeling rushed, and gave me a few recommendations as to which procedure would be best for me. He did not try to sell me anything during my consultation, which I appreciated so much! I can not recommend this place enough. Everyone at The Secret is awesome! As a male I was very skeptical to coming to a place like this, but they put my skeptics aside and assured their professionalism. Dr. Mann was extremely helpful. I would without a doubt recommend a friend or family member to The Secret!