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We Accept Molina Insurance for Vein Treatments

For most patients with Medi-Cal or Medicare managed by Molina, or a CoveredCA Molina plan, you are welcome to see Dr. Peter Mann in his beautiful office in La Jolla Village for comprehensive vascular care. Dr. Peter Mann is a respected cardiovascular surgeon with over thirty years of experience in treating both acute and chronic vein disease. Rest assured, you’re in good hands and will always be examined and treated exclusively by Dr. Peter Mann and a member of his experienced team.

For patients with Molina insurance, it has never been easier for you to see a vascular surgeon for vein treatments. No more waiting weeks for a response from the insurance company. No more waiting weeks to months to actually see the doctor and get the care you need. No more waiting for months after that to have any vascular imaging or procedures that you need done. At The Secret Vein Clinic, we take pride in offering convenient, affordable, and high-quality care and we make every effort to book patients within two weeks of them contacting us. Take charge of your health and come see Dr. Peter Mann on your time.

Molina Insurance generally offers free or reduced co-pays and deductibles. For most Molina patients, this means that getting high-quality care with Dr. Peter Mann is incredibly affordable and accessible. All you need to do is contact (858) 412-3353 with your insurance card ready. Our friendly representative will take your name, date of birth, and insurance member ID number and schedule you for a tentative appointment. From that point on, we will do the rest!

Vein Treatment: Before & After

One of our knowledgeable insurance representatives will call Molina to verify your eligibility and benefits and determine whether or not you need a referral from your primary care provider before seeing Dr. Peter Mann. Once we have this information, our representative will call you to provide an estimate for any out-of-pocket expenses that you might incur at your future appointment. We do our absolute best to make this process as transparent as possible. We understand that navigating the complexity of insurances and doctors office can seem like a daunting task, but at The Secret Vein Clinic we try to take the complexity off your plate. Instead, we want you to focus on maintaining your health and preparing to see Dr. Peter Mann for a comprehensive consultation. If for any reason there is any issue with your Molina insurance, we will contact you before your appointment to rectify the issue and help you make sure that the visit will be covered by Molina.

Vein disease – and insurance too – is a complex process that requires a specialist’s eye. No specialist is more appropriate for managing vein disease than a fellowship-trained vascular surgeon. If you have symptoms or a family history of vein disease, speak with your primary care physician or call The Secret Vein Clinic at (858) 412-3353 to schedule an appointment. Rest assured, you are in good hands and every effort will be made to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.