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The Secret Vein Clinic is the #1 facility for sclerotherapy treatment in San Diego! With more than two decades of experience, Peter Mann is San Diego’s leading expert in the treatment of venous diseases including varicose veins and spider veins. As a fellowship trained vascular surgeon, he is uniquely qualified to provide his patients with the most technologically advanced vein care available anywhere.  Today’s options for varicose vein treatment in San Diego are simple, safe, minimally invasive and virtually pain-free.  Best of all there’s no down-time and many of the procedures are covered by medical insurance plans. Done in the office in less than an hour patients can walk out and be symptom free almost immediately.

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Ultrasound Screening Before Sclerotherapy is Important

We are one of the very few vein clinics that insist all of our patients undergo a Ultrasound Screening before starting Sclerotherapy treatments. This initial, short and very simple ultrasound screening is vital in making sure that patients are correctly diagnosed and thus not do not receive unnecessary treatments. If a provider treats your veins as solely a cosmetic concern and begins Sclerotherapy they may be overlooking deeper underlying vein issues. In fact, treating Sclerotherapy when you may indeed have vein disease will exacerbate the problem. Only a trained Vascular Surgeon knows to treat every patient that has veins with utmost concern. We are very pleased to be able to offer Ultrasound Screening at our all inclusive vein clinic and complete it during the same appointment as the Sclerotherapy so that every patient's appointment is efficient and effective. 

Sclerotherapy San Diego - Everything You Need to Know

In sclerotherapy, a state-of-the-art foam material is injected with a tiny needle into the vein that causes inflammation and the vein walls to collapse. Compression stockings are then used to make sure that the vein walls stay collapsed. The vein gradually dissolves over several weeks and ultimately disappears.

Sclerotherapy treatment is the “gold standard” and is preferred over laser for eliminating large spider veins (telangiectasia) and smaller varicose leg veins. Unlike a laser, the sclerosing solution additionally closes the “feeder veins” under the skin that are causing the spider veins to form, thereby making a recurrence of the spider veins in the treated area less likely.

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Sclerotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sclerotherapy?

How long does Sclerotherapy take? Is it painful?

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How do I know when I need sclerotherapy treatment?

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Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy treatment is an alternative to treat veins that are too small or too tortuous to treat with a laser or R.F.Closure. In addition it is a new treatment for patients with previous vein stripping or recurrent disease. This advanced vein treatment uses ultrasound technology to guide injections of a solution that closes the vein at the precise source of the disease. Besides it is an extremely effective treatment for perforator veins (the veins connecting the deep veins to the saphenous veins).

Sclerotherapy treatment in San Diego

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