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Dr. Mann is one of San Diego's top vascular trained surgeons.

The Secret Vein Clinic in San Diego is a leading specialty center for the medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment of problematic veins – from varicose vein treatment or spider veins to chronic venous ulcers. Our treatments include Endovenous Laser treatment (EVLT)VNUS treatment or R.F. Endovenous AblationSclerotherapyPhlebectomyVeinwave treatmentVariLite laser, laser vein treatment and more!

At our vein clinic in San Diego, we are proudly led by leading vascular surgeon Dr. Peter Mann, M.D., who has two decades of clinical and surgical experience, and is one of a select number of fellowship trained vascular surgeons devoted exclusively to the treatment of venous disorders. As an author and international speaker, Dr. Mann teaches other surgeons the latest techniques of endovascular vein surgery and the treatment of Phlebology. He is also a leading expert in the treatment of Endovenous Ablation Therapy, which is a safe, minimally invasive procedure to eliminate varicose veins. Surgically trained at Yale and additionally Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Mann always provides an extra layer of safety to every procedure he performs at our vein clinic in San Diego.

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Varicose Vein Treatment: Before & After

Contact us if you have throbbing leg pain, leg heaviness and fatigue, itching, burning, restlessness, night cramps, edema, skin changes (stasis dermatitis), paresthesias, restless leg syndrome or skin ulcers. At our vein clinic in San Diego, we provide complimentary consultations and ultrasound screenings, and can schedule a treatment that is right for you. Upon your final evaluation you will know the underlying cause of your venous condition and how we can correct it.

We are providers for Medicare, MediCal, Tri Care and most PPO insurances, including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Health Care.

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Clinic Success Stories

**Disclaimer** Treatment success varies from patient to patient
Adam F.
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Professional service, professional staff, and a overall great experience. Dr. Mann is very helpful and knowledgeable of vein issues and provides exceptional advice. He took his time answering all of my questions, without me feeling rushed, and gave me a few recommendations as to which procedure would be best for me. He did not try to sell me anything during my consultation, which I appreciated so much! I can not recommend this place enough. Everyone at The Secret is awesome! As a male I was very skeptical to coming to a place like this, but they put my skeptics aside and assured their professionalism. Dr. Mann was extremely helpful. I would without a doubt recommend a friend or family member to The Secret!
Marisol H.
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Saw Dr Mann in consultation for my varicose veins. He took his time listening to me, reassured me and I felt safe and comfortable with him. I ended up getting the radiofrequency ablation procedure for my terrible veins. Now I must say I have legs that are symptom free Amazing! What a fantastic job he did. The staff there is wonderful. Made everything so easy with the paperwork. They genuinely do care for patients at this clinic. Cannot say that for the other vein clinics I initially had consultations with.
Giovana S.
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Went to the Secret Vein Clinic because I had severe varicose vein symptoms for years. I used to wake up with terrible pains and cramps in my legs. Dr Mann examined me and I immediately felt comfortable during my consultation with him. He listened to my concerns which very few doctors really do. The staff was very helpful with the insurance paperwork and in getting authorization for my ablation procedure. Dr Mann was truly caring and very professional and I could tell he was very adept at what he was doing. He took care of those larger ugly bulging veins. Now I have legs that I dont have to be embarrassed about.
John L.
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I'm nearly 65. I'm active, fit and dedicated to staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. But one day I got off my bike and discovered that a vein had blown up in my leg. Dr. Mann diagnosed the problem as CVI. He and his lovely staff treated me with knowledge, care and expertise. Luckily, I won't have to go back.
Tatum D.
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The Secret Staff are experts in treating vein reflux. Quality treatment from the start. My legs are so thankful.... they look & feel fabulous! I am so appreciative of my doctor. This place is top notch a true gem!just in time for summer.
Aleaha G.
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Dr. Mann and his staff are truly amazing! I had such a positive experience here all around. His staff is so friendly, professional and personable. It's a great office right in heart of La Jolla. Dr. Mann really cares about each and everyone of his patients, he is the best at what he does!
Leah B.
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I love coming to The Secret! The staff is extremely kind and helpful every time I step foot in the Clinic. From Medical Consultations, Facials, to vein care, they always makes me feel like a VIP when I walk in. I go to Emily or Elena for their Medical Grade facials about once every two weeks and I know I can trust that my skin will be glowing and flawless when I leave. My skin has transformed since I have been coming to The Secret. The Estheticians do such a thorough job, I look forward to the facial all week because I am certain it will be a relaxing experience. I just love how relaxing it is. I believe everyone deserves a treat like this once in awhile and I wouldn't go to anyone else for my skincare treatments. 5 stars for the best customer care in La Jolla!!
Juanita A.
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My spider veins were so embarrassing that I feared wearing shorts or a dress for too long. Dr. Mann and staff addressed my concerns in a professional and caring manner. I was educated on what was going on with my veins, and the proper treatments I needed to get the beautiful legs I want. Dr. Mann not only treated my spider veins, but also the underlying cause, for long-lasting results. Dr. Mann's assistant and staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, caring and friendly! I am so pleased with the results I have received! I can finally show off my legs again! I highly recommend Dr. Mann to anyone who wants to get rid of those ugly veins and be able to wear shorts or dresses again! Thank you to everyone at The Secret!
Kim G.
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Dr Mann and the staff were extremely helpful during my visit. They were able to treat my varicose veins, and my spider veins after I have visited several other doctors who could not fix the problem. I inherited my families varicose veins and doing the treatments with Dr. Mann were easy and painless. Summer is coming and I wanted to get this issue resolved once and for all. I have had several appointments with Dr. Mann who explained the process at full and educated me on the process and expectation of what to expect so there were no surprises-- The doctor is straight forward and actually listens to your concerns. I'm kind of a chicken when it comes to seeing the doctor or dentist but my legs were getting really bad and I knew I had to do something about it. I am so excited to wear shorts and swimsuits this summer and not be embarrassed any more. Dr. Mann is great at post-procedure as well! Any questions I had were answered with confidence and care. His office is truly reputable and I recommend to anyone with the same issues as my own.
Alysse A.
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I am in my mid 20's and I have battled with varicose veins my entire life. From this I have physically felt heaviness and emotionally have struggled with wearing shorts or outfits where my legs were exposed. I was referred to this clinic from my ER doctor after they confirmed my issue was not going to resolve itself. Feeling as if I was out of options.. I decided to try The Secret Vein Clinic. From the second I walked in I was greeted with top notch customer service. The place is beyond clean and everyone is extremely knowledgeable and educated in what they are doing. You can tell Dr. Mann is not only a specialist at this but this is also his passion. With confidence, I began undergoing my treatments with Dr. Mann where my varicose veins were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. This had been something I have wanted my entire life! I am not only feeling more confident in my shorts but I feel like my entire life got a lift! THANK YOU SECRET VEIN CLINIC AND THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. MANN!
Kristy S.
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Dr. Mann was so friendly & professional during my visit. The front desk clerk-who also acted as his assistant, Emily, was extremely polite and helpful. The office is just lovely. I had a treatment done on my face for spider veins. I was afraid it would really hurt but they blew ice cold air on my skin while performing the laser treatment and it kept the discomfort to a minimum. This was a great first experience for me! They did not push me to buy a bunch of products except for sunscreen, which I needed. And they weren't pushy about that, really. I dreaded going in but walked out really happy that I did it! I highly recommend this place! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable & welcoming.
Kristy S.
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I had a very pleasant experience at The Secret Vein Clinic. The staff is very friendly, professional and well-trained. The office is located in the heart of La Jolla. Very clean and comfortable. After going thru a Doppler ultrasound test, I was informed that I was not a good candidate for the Clinic's service and the prepaid payment was promptly refunded. I appreciated their honesty for NOT trying to provide a service where little/no improvement could be expected for the price paid. It is refreshing to work with these outstanding medical professionals at the Secret Vein Clinic, and I highly recommend any and all to get treated here!

Your Options for Varicose Vein Treatment San Diego

Laser Vein Treatment

Endovenous Laser Vein Treatment is a less risky treatment option for removing varicose veins. This is known as a minimally invasive endovenous vein treatment procedure because it does not involve traditional surgery. Instead, the practitioner treats your diseased veins by sending laser energy into them. An intravenous catheter is the only invasive object that goes into your skin. This requires a little bit of local anesthetic to be injected in areas surrounding the vein to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. When the vein is exposed to the heat of the laser, it closes the vein and stops blood from circulating through it. The rate of failure for this procedure is only 5% to 10% after a period of 3 years. LEARN MORE

Veinwave and Varilite Laser

The varilite laser and veinwave are two treatment options for someone suffering from venous diseases. They are both safe and minimally invasive venous treatment options. Patients will hardly feel any pain at all from them. The varilite laser procedure uses a dual wavelength laser system which works to reduce vascular lesions which are visible on the body. These lesions may include spider veins, hemangiomas, or telangiectasias. Laser light is sent directly through the skin to treat the underlying diseased vein. As time goes on, the vein will slowly disappear until it is no longer visible. But if you need to treat smaller veins around the nose, face, or ears, then the veinwave device is a better option. It uses thermal energy pulses instead of laser energy to treat the veins. Once it is over, there are no bruises or scars left behind. LEARN MORE

Sclerotherapy Treatment

It is common for people to get spider veins or varicose veins in their ankles or legs as they get older. Some people even get them in their face too. Rather than get surgery to remove these veins, Sclerotherapy treatment can eliminate them for you with minimal invasiveness. The procedure consists of a salt solution which simply gets injected right into the diseased veins. When the solution reaches the blood vessel, the lining of the vessel becomes irritated. As a result, the blood vessel collapses and dissolves away completely.  LEARN MORE

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Varicose Vein Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

The Secret Vein Clinic works with federal insurance programs as well as a large number of PPO and HMO insurances. Some of our patients have Medicare, Medi-Cal, Tricare, and many other large insurers like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care and HealthNet. If you are unsure about your coverage, our Insurance Manager will take down your insurance information, make an inquiry into your benefits and then send you a detailed overview of the information.

Dr. Mann specializes in the Radiofrequency Closure Procedure to treat varicose veins. This is a revolutionary procedure that replaces the more invasive and painful “vein stripping” that varicose vein patients used to require. We also specialize in the medical, cosmetic, and surgical treatment of spider veins and other various vein disorders. In addition to our specialization in veins, we also offer several cosmetic skin tightening and skin resurfacing services for patients. Together, Dr. Peter Mann and his staff of highly trained Medical Estheticians offer a comprehensive list of skin care services, from treating acne and sun damage to enhancing your overall appearance.

With the background and experience that Dr. Mann brings to the clinic as both a board-certified Vascular Surgeon and Emergency Medicine physician, The Secret Vein Clinic is fully prepared to treat a myriad of medical conditions. With a state-of-the-art varicose vein treatment known as Radio Frequency Closure, patients are treated with a minimally invasive procedure that allows for effective treatment without major surgery.

Some common symptoms of Venous disorders are, throbbing leg pain, leg heaviness & fatigue, itching, burning, restless leg syndrome, night cramps, edema, skin changes (stasis dermatitis), paresthesias and skin ulcers. After treatment, patients are often surprised to realize how much discomfort, they had once accepted as normal, is now gone. All of the aforementioned symptoms are sign of some vein disorders. It is important that our patients know that we can help them understand the root cause of this vein abnormality and how our physician can work to heal their veins.

Diagnosis of vein disorders is done by ultrasound imaging. This type of testing can be done right in our clinic with one of our ultrasound machines and our certified Vascular Ultrasound Technicians. We are able to diagnose vein disorders right in our own clinic because we have our own Vascular Lab. This helps us expedite the appointment process and maintain quality control over the entire workflow leading up to the vein treatment.

DVaricose veins are not simply a cosmetic issue. If you suffer from varicose veins, you know how painful these diseased veins can become. You may suffer from leg heaviness and fatigue, leg pain, restless legs, swollen leg limbs, skin changes, and night cramps and ulcers. These symptoms start slowly and will worsen if the varicose veins are not treated, making it very important to seek early treatment. Even if you think the veins are just unsightly, there are serious, and sometimes fatal, underlying medical factors at play.

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