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Vascular Disease Ultrasound Screening and Prevention

Did you know by getting an ultrasound test on your legs can show if there is an underlying issue that may be causing your varicose or spider veins? The ultrasound is performed by a RVT (registered vascular technician) and is not painful, does not cause any discomfort, or side effects. The test shows healthy leg veins containing valves that open and close properly to return blood back to the heart. If valves are damaged and do not close properly, vascular reflux disease can form which may cause varicose veins, pain, restless legs, heaviness, skin changes, and even ulcers.

Should you sign up for testing? Yes. If you are experiencing symptoms or know anyone in your family with varicose vein history then an ultrasound screening would definitely be beneficial. Some other factors that may cause vascular reflux disease include age, gender, and heavy lifting.

What is the difference between an ultrasound screening and a full ultrasound test? An ultrasound screening is a quick scan of the legs which takes about 5-10 minutes to see if reflux is present. If reflux is found in the legs, a full ultrasound of the upper and lower extremities is required for further treatment which can be covered by insurance.

At The Secret Vein Clinic offers complimentary ultrasound screenings which allow Dr. Mann to best diagnose the proper treatment for each of his patients. If a full ultrasound is necessary, most insurance companies are accepted including Medicare and Tricare. Get your ultrasound test today to either have peace of mind or at least an early detection to help prevent further symptoms. Call Dr. Mann’s office for any questions or to schedule your ultrasound today.