Meet Our Team


Sequoia Cipes, Administrative and Medical Assistant

The clinic superstar and right-hand man to our manager, Sequoia is an aspiring physician and current pre-med student at San Diego State University studying Mechanical Engineering with a Bioengineering Emphasis. In addition to taking challenging academic classes, he always makes sure to stay busy and increase his repertoire of workplace skills. Sequoia has an impressive resume of experience interning at prestigious medical institutions including the Salk Institute, American Red Cross and Kaizen Brain Center. A native of Miami, Sequoia is enjoying sunny San Diego and loves to spend time with his household of friends and several pets.


Leslie Binder, Registered Nurse

With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Leslie has solidified an impressive and extensive career in the field of medicine. She has worked for some of San Diego’s finest private medical practices under the direction of physicians such as Dr. Paul Chasen, Dr. James Pietraszak and Dr. Steven Cohen. Working side-by-side our vascular surgeon, Leslie is passionate about delivering holistic, patient-centered care. As a native of San Diego, she has helped treat and care for thousands of local residents. She loves this beautiful city and can often be found at concerts listening to her musician daughter performing.

Ginger Capers, Registered Vascular Tech (RVT)

Patients get to know Ginger very well, as she dedicates many clinical hours to diagnosing and monitoring their leg and vein health. Ginger is highly skilled in vascular ultrasound practice and has obtained the coveted RVT credential, a certification validating her clinical expertise fundamental to vascular sonography. She in an important member of our team and works very closely with our vascular surgeon and medical assistants. A resident of San Diego, Ginger spends her free time volunteering and hanging out with her husband.


Employee Testimonial: Sequoia Cipes

Sequoia has been working as a medical assistant at The Secret Vein Clinic for over a year. In addition to studying for his future medical school admission, he is closely involved in all facets of our medical clinic including assisting with minor surgeries, performing basic laboratory tests and other administrative and clinical duties. Hear Sequoia speak about his experience working with our team and his mentorship with our medical director Dr. Mann.