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Spider Vein Treatment San Diego

Spider Vein Treatment San Diego

Ultrasound testing is the cornerstone of diagnosis for vascular conditions. Upon visiting our San Diego spider vein clinic for a consultation, your evaluation will include a comprehensive venous work up with advanced diagnostic studies. The duplex ultrasound exam will identify the veins with faulty valves responsible for venous reflux. When completed, you will know the underlying cause of your venous condition and how we can correct it.

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Why Choose Dr. Mann for Your Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider veins affect millions of people; nearly everyone can be treated for elimination of this unsightly condition with our advanced spider vein treatment at The Secret Vein Clinic. Spider veins are small, highly colored red or blue thread like veins easily seen on the surface of the skin. Blue reticular veins lie just below the skin layer.

Many spider veins are seen to originate from an underlying reticular vein. These veins on the legs can be seen in any area. They may cause itching and minor aches and pains, or may not produce symptoms at all, but even if they do not produce symptoms, they can signal the presence of a more serious problem.  At The Secret Vein Clinic, spider vein diagnosis is determined by a thorough physical examination and a non-invasive ultrasound test to determine the health of the saphenous veins.  Based on this examination Dr. Mann will determine the best treatment for you.  Look no further, we are the leading San Diego spider vein treatment facility!

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Selecting the Best Treatment

Spider vein treatment in San Diego is our specialty. Treatment usually involves correcting the underlying defect in the Saphenous vein, if warranted, with Radio Frequency closure. Once this is accomplished, your spider veins can be resolved with Sclerotherapy.

In the past, spider veins were treated with injections of a saline based solution. Present-day research has yielded new and effective Sclerotherapy solutions that are injected into spider veins and cause them to completely disappear. This specific spider vein treatment is offered in our clinic and is less invasive and more effective than surgery, leaving you with excellent long-term results.

Other treatments offered include, the Varilite dual vascular laser and the Veinwave device which uses radio frequency thermal energy. Both devices compliment the injection Sclerotherapy treatment program.

Spider veins are unfortunate and inevitability with age and may continue to pop up even after treatment. Due to this fact, many patients seek subsequent treatments to maintain vein free legs. We also offer varicose vein treatment!

We are providers for Medicare, MediCal, Tri Care and most PPO insurances, including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Health Care.