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Vein Training Program

Comprehensive Vein
Training Program

Since the use of Radiofrequency Ablation in 1999 there is a high demand for well-educated trained physicians who specialize in vein treatments. Dr. Mann, a fellowship trained vascular surgeon offers a 3-5 day comprehensive training which includes both didactic and hands-on clinical training – venous duplex imaging, endovenous radiofrequency ablation procedures, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and cosmetic sclerotherapy. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and observe techniques which Dr. Mann has fine tuned over his 25 year career in specializing in vein care.( California licensed physicians will be able to actively participate in procedures performed). With his 3-5-day course Dr. Mann will also give insight on how to successfully open and run a vein care practice. Each training session will be private which will allow the participant to fully immerse themselves in the training. Once the course has been completed the participant will feel confident in performing these procedures.

Why choose our vein training program?

Are you interested in our Vein Training Program? Call us today learn more and enroll: (858) 412-3353

Topics Covered

Diagnostic Duplex Ultrasound– Participants will spend one on one time with our highly experienced RVT to learn how to properly diagnose venous reflux.

Creating customized treatment plans – Dr. Mann will teach you how to create an effective treatment plan based on each patient’s diagnosis, symptoms and expectations. Participants will have the opportunity to sit in on multiple consultations.

Pre-procedure prepping– Dr. Mann has successfully created a pre procedure sedation plan to ensure minimal to no pain to your patients. He will also give the participants his template for pre and post op instructions to give patients.

Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation – From properly draping and sterile technique to the dressing post procedure Dr. Mann will thoroughly go step by step through the entire procedure. You will learn all the pearls and pitfalls of ablation procedures.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy – Participants will learn different sclerosant techniques and how to properly use ultrasound technology to guide them in closing the distal portion of the great saphenous vein. Dr. Mann has perfected a pre procedure prep that allows for.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy- Learn sclerosant dosing and how to create optimal aesthetically pleasing results for patients with unsightly veins. Not only will the participant learn the technique, they will also have the opportunity to sit in on consultations with patients as well. 

Varilite laser– Dr. Mann will go through proper technique on how to get rid of reticular and spider veins using a varilite laser along with ensuring your patient will have little to no pain during the procedure. Having experience in this technique will allow for you to not only treat veins on your patients legs but their face as well. 

Are you interested in our Vein Training Program? Call us today learn more and enroll: (858) 412-3353

Running a Successful
Vein Clinic

One aspect that separates our vein training center is that we will go in depth not only the clinical aspects of successfully running a vein clinic but the administration side of the business as well. Dr. Mann will go into detail on how to properly bill and code for various venous procedures as well as marketing advice and creating a customized supply list to start your own vein clinic. Having this wealth of information will truly give the participant a head start in opening up their own vein clinic. Give us a call to learn more: (858) 412-3353

Day 1– ½ day didactic ½ day duplex ultrasound studies, includes complimentary screenings, Full diagnostic bilateral venous ultrasounds and post procedure follow ups  

Day 2- ½ day didactic ½ day Endovenous radiofrequency ablations 

Day 3- ½ day didactic ½ day Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, cosmetic sclerotherapy and Varilite laser 

Day 4– All day Radiofrequency ablations and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy  

Day 5– All day Radiofrequency ablations and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy  

All training sessions can be customized to the individual participant needs 

RVT training: During sonography school many sonographers get very little training on how to properly do a bilateral lower extremity venous duplex exam. Physicians may bring their ultrasound technicians to our office to get hands-on training with our ultrasound tech who has worked closely along with Dr. Mann for many years. Not only will the technician get hands-on experience with venous duplex exams, they will also have the opportunity to assist in both radio frequency ablation procedures and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. 

Independent sonographers who are looking into continuing their medical education also have the opportunity to come to our clinic and learn to map the lower extremity veins. In addition, learn how to assist a vascular surgeon in multiple types of procedures such as radio frequency ablations, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and visual sclerotherapy.